Dr. John Collins (Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 2000), Professor of Global Studies at St. Lawrence University, is a founder of Weave News, which began as a project in his seminar on global news analysis. He is currently serving as an Editor and as Director of Development for the organization and has been blogging about Palestine (his main area of academic research) since 2007. You can connect with him by email and on Twitter @djleftover.


Jana Morgan is a founder of Weave News as well as the Outreach Director, and has been with Weave News for 9 years. She is also the Director of Publish What You Pay - United States, a 40 member coalition of US non-profit organizations focused on creating a more open and accountable oil, gas and mining sector.



Dr. Steve Peraza earned a Ph.D. in U.S. History at SUNY-Buffalo. As an alumni blogger for Weave News, he contributes to the The Poverty Report, a blog that examines the multidimensional problem of poverty and considers ways to solve it. Dr. Peraza graduated St. Lawrence University in December 2006.



Tsewang Lama is the Project Manager of Weave News. She earned her B.A. and M.Ed. degree from St. Lawrence University. Tsewang brings with her an array of experience in international education, organizational development and community outreach. In her role, she emphasizes the importance of cooperation and coalition-building in a diverse community.



Allison Paludi, a 2014 graduate of St. Lawrence University, is a contributor to the Weave and has also served as a project intern. Her time at St. Lawrence was dedicated to highlighting underreported stories, especially in the North Country, through blogging efforts as well as assisting with the Big Questions project, which ultimately led to the foundation of the Global Dialogue Center. Currently, she is working with under-resourced schools in New York after spending two years in West Africa. You can read more about her stories and insights from home and abroad at


Tzintzun Aguilar-Izzo is a multimedia artist and educator who sometimes poses as a guerrilla filmmaker.  While at St. Lawrence University, from which he graduated in 2015, Tzintzun served as the coordinator for the Big Questions project and the Global Dialogue Center. Tzintzun is currently working closely with John Collins and Osman Mohammed Ali to develop and expand the Holot: Crossroads of Global Violence multimedia project.


Dr. Stephen Barnard (Ph.D. Missouri, 2012) is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Lawrence University.  As a scholar and teacher, he is interested in all-things-media, with a particular emphasis on the role of new media technologies in (citizen) journalism, culture, and democracy.  Currently, he is a Social Media Director for Weave News.  Follow him on Twitter at @socsavvy.


Nicole Eigbrett '14 is a writer and editor of Adopted Identities, a blog exploring transnational and transracial adoption in the United States. She also contributes as a Social Media Director for Weave News. Nicole currently resides in Boston and you can connect with her on Twitter @Nicolewhaat and by e-mail at



Catherine Tedford (MFA) is gallery director at St. Lawrence University and has collaborated with the Weave since 2013 on the Weaving the Streets & People’s History Archive projects. She writes about street art stickers on her research blog Stickerkitty.



Julianne DeGuardi is a senior at St. Lawrence University and is one of the on-campus coordinators for Weave News.  While studying in Spain in 2016 she contributed several stories to the Weaving the Streets project and is currently investigating and writing about the story of migrant farm workers in the North Country (northern NY state).


Christian Exoo

Christian Exoo is an Editor at Weave News and the Producer of the investigative podcast series Jim Crow on Campus. His work has appeared in Truthout, Alternet, Salon, and Extra!, the magazine of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. You can reach him at