Our mission

To weave the world together by investigating underreported stories, highlighting alternative perspectives, and promoting grassroots media-making and critical media literacy. #WeaveNewsNow

Our philosophy

We believe that the work of journalism is too important to be left to mainstream/corporate media outlets whose content is increasingly driven by the interests of powerful elites. For this reason, our work is grounded in the concept of citizen journalism: the idea that ordinary people can act as journalists by gathering and sharing information about what is happening in the world. Taking our name from the Latin contextus (“to weave together”), we seek to fill in the deeper context surrounding important contemporary issues by weaving together voices, perspectives, and questions that are often missing from public discussions. In the process, we seek to contribute to the essential work of helping everyone become more critical consumers of the news. #WeaveNewsNow

Who we are

Founded in 2007 at St. Lawrence University,* Weave News is a global community of citizen journalists who are committed to weaving a better world. Our organization is directed by a team of seasoned Weave News staffers who assist our contributors in sharing their work via our investigative blogs, Big Questions videography, multimedia projects, and other initiatives. #WeaveNewsNow

What we do

  • Investigate stories that are poorly covered, or not covered at all, by the mainstream/corporate media.

  • Publish smart, provocative responses from activists, artists, scholars, journalists, and local community members to a series of Big Questions of broad human importance.

  • Train and support students and other citizen journalists in basic techniques of multimedia reporting and media analysis.

How you can get involved

Here at Weave News, we are constantly asking ourselves one key question: What are you Weaving? If you support our mission and want to play a role in our work, we encourage you to consider Weaving with us! There are many ways to get involved. You can become a Weave News content contributor by investigating an underreported story in your community or on the other side of the world; by conducting interviews for our Big Questions project; by joining the social media discussion surrounding our content; and by making a financial contribution to help us build our citizen journalist network, support and train our contributors, and maximize the impact of our work. #WeaveNewsNow

*Views expressed on the website do not reflect the positions or viewpoints of St. Lawrence University.